It’s summer in the spring here in Florida today. The seas were as flat as can be throughout the day, the sun was shining, and Sirena was skipping across blue water all the way to the southern reefs. The water was a soothing 76 degrees and visibility was top to bottom with about 50 feet of horizontal visibility. Best of all, not a trickle of current!

Our first dive was to Ron’s reef where there was something exciting going on around every corner. One particular spot was to take the prize from the get-go. As soon as I approached the spot, a nurse shark was cruising overhead a luscious and colorful reef adorned with all kinds of fish life. In the center there was a whole lot of ruckus going on! A group of jacks with flashing their most vibrant colors and energetically circling the same spot on the reef. A sure sign that an eel was in the neighborhood. Seconds later a spotted eel pokes its head out from the reef with a fish sticking out of its mouth! One look at me and its shy sign came out and he tucked back inside. When it finally came out again, his lunch could be seened bulged just under its throat.


A few feet away a second eel, a green moray, was being harassed by a couple of angel fish. One rock beauty kept turning sideways to the eel… right in front of the eels mouth! Talk about playing with fire! The eel would have none of it and would simply turn away. I’ve seen this behavior many times, but I have yet to figure out its purpose. Perhaps it’s an old cleaning habit of the angelfish from their younger days. Who knows?

During our surface interval, some baitfish action was going on the surface and captain Dean spotted what appeared to be a mahi mahi in its full splendor of colors swimming alongside the boat for a while.

Back in the water the group eventually went. This time at Breaker’s reef. This dive, as always, never disappoints. The colors of the reef are breathtaking. Add to that the incredible abundance of marine life on it and you would want to stay down here all day if you could.


A loggerhead was snoozing away under the ledge, two lemon sharks cruised right by the group, and, of course, the fish life exploded around every corner. An hour goes by quick when you’re taking in all this beauty!

As we headed back to the dock, I mentioned to captain Dean that a leatherback would be a great anniversary gift for his parents who were celebrating their 50th year of marriage. No more than two minutes later there she was! A leatherback was on the surface taking a breath of air before heading back down. My years of diving in Palm Beach have taught me one thing… If you want to see something underwater… JUST ASK!! Either the captain or the dive guide will magically make it appear. Your luck improves if you can get the dive crew to draw it on their magic erase board during their dive site briefings.

So next time you’re on the boat make sure to ask for that special critter you have always wanted to see. There is magic in these here waters in Palm Beach, Florida!


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