Who says you have to wait until the Goliath grouper spawning season to have some fun with the Goliath groupers of West Palm Beach, Florida? Okay.. So maybe the groupers are not around in the large numbers as they are in August and September, but some of the local residents who see divers day after day can make for a very entertaining dive.

Today’s dive was the perfect example. But I’m getting ahead of myself. A couple of Pura Vida Divers headed out on The Wetter The Better with captain Bill Walker and his merry crew. Conditions top side were quite pleasing. Seas were less than two feet. The air — in the breezy low 70s (Florida winter!!!) and water temperature was 75-76 degrees.


Our first dive was on the Corridor wreck. The current was running slightly south so the group started the dive on the China Barge and made their way south to the Mitzpah. Along the way they encountered the resident reef shark, a loggerhead sea turtle, and numerous tropical fish and eels. Visibility was around 35-45 feet.

For our second dive we headed offshore a bit to Larsen’s Valley. Upon our descent we encountered our friend, Buddy, the Goliath grouper. How do I know it was Buddy? Few Goliath groupers come swimming right up to you, get within inches of your mask, and stare you straight in the eyes. Then he goes and does the same thing to every other diver.


Were there other marine life to be seen on the dive? Certainly! But Buddy stole the show for the WHOLE DIVE! From the second we got in the water until we left, Buddy was by our side. The group truly enjoyed themselves playing with Buddy. When we did have a few seconds to ourselves, we noticed the tons of tropical fish, the large Loggerhead sleeping under the ledge, the large-tip anemone with cleaner and sexy shrimps. Then it was back to playing with buddy.

Goliath grouper fun in West Palm Beach, Florida doesn’t start and stop during the grouper aggregation. It’s here year round thanks to our fishy friends like Buddy. Come out and meet Buddy and his friends for yourself. We guarantee you will not have a Goliath grouper encounter like it anywhere else! Come experience the best diving in Florida!

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