It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No… I’m not talking about Christmas! I’m talking goliath grouper season in West Palm Beach, Florida. The groupers are here for their annual spawning aggregation and the action is incredible. Today’s amazing goliath grouper encounters on the Corridor and Danny wreck were out of this world!

Each of these unique wrecks had (easily) over fifty goliath groupers. Intermixed between the goliath groupers are thousands of baitfish–round scads primarily. Working these baitfish into some insane swirling action are numerous predatory fish such as bar jacks, almaco jacks, and many others. The goliath groupers will even take their share of these bite-size morsels.

When the baitfish is now circling the goliath groupers for protection from the jacks, they are quick to find the nearest diver; as many divers found out today. Each grouper behaves a little different… Some are shy, but some are quite inquisitive. Numerous times I had to back up while taking the goliath grouper’s picture. These wonderful fish are as friendly and inquisitive as a puppy dog–all couple hundred pounds of them!


The best surprise was diving our newest wreck–the Danny. This wreck is only six months old and the amount of marine life is astounding. All the nooks and crevices on this wreck are home to numerous goliath groupers and baitfish. Corals are even settling on it, too.

Conditions today were ideal in many ways. Seas were 1-2 foot, water temperature a soothing 82 degrees, and visibility was in the 50+ range. The current was a little brisk on the wrecks, but with plenty of places to hide from the current, having amazing goliath grouper encounters was not difficult.

If you want to scuba dive with goliath groupers then West Palm Beach is the place to go. We will be doing a lot more diving with the goliath groupers in the coming weeks. Make sure to call and book your spot early as spaces quickly fill. Enjoy an amazing goliath grouper encounter of your own. Call us today!

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