Conditions underwater have finallyy improved greatly! We couldn’t ask for better timing as it is time for the goliath grouper spawning aggregation. Today’s dive on the southern reefs included encounters with numerous groupers, sea turtles, sharks, and much more.

We began our first dive at the Trench with 50+ feet of visibility and a very comfortable 82 degree water temperature. Seas were 2-3 feet. As soon as we entered the water we could hear continuous loud barks. A sure sign the goliath groupers were in the area. A large loggerhead sea turtle cruised alongside the divers.

As soon as we entered the Trench we began to see and their entourage of baitfish. A total of eight! Deep under the ledge a ten foot nurse shark slept. As the group slowly cruised through the Trench, we were engulfed in all kinds of tropical fish.

Our second dive was on Breakers reef. The first thing we fixed our sight on was a turtle butt up in the air. Even before I could easily identify the turtle, I had a pretty good idea it was a hawksbill sea turtle. These teenagers are known to stop at nothing to get at those delicious morsels of sponges. I don’t recommend you try them yourself as they are extremely toxic and go down like fiber glass! We watched this turtle go about its business without a single care for the numerous divers enjoying its presence. The rest of the dive included tons of tropicals, squids, and much more… all cloaked in some great visibility.

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