Grab the popcorn and get ready for some drama!  Lighting plays a key role in the tone of your images.  Create dramatic lighting with deep shadows and stark contrasts.  Captivate your friends and family as they scroll your social media. Create an air of mystery and intrigue with your underwater images.

The lighting you choose has a huge impact on your images.

Position strobes and video lights to cast dramatic shadows across your macro images.  Use colored lights to create an ambience.  Set a snoot as a spotlight on your subject.

Perfect your lighting.  Learn from Photo Pro Emma Rigolo during the Dramatic Lighting Photo Workshop.  Ready to sign up?  Email or call us at 561-840-8750.

Dramatic lighting on Frogfish showcasing eye


The underwater environment is a tricky place to light.  Each subject we come across is a new challenge. Can you find the best way to light it? Add different lighting techniques to your arsenal and become a pro at avoiding backscatter.


First, join the classroom session. Learn about setting strobes and lights to avoid backscatter.

Then, discuss other lighting options like backlighting, colored lights, snoots, and more.  Finally, splash in at the Blue Heron Bridge and stir up some drama with the macro life you encounter.


This macro workshop is available to most experience levels.   Weather you shoot DSLR, Mirrorless, or Compact, the Dramatic Lighting Photo Workshop is for you.

Participants need to hold a PADI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent. They should also have good buoyancy control while hovering near the bottom. The Peak Performance Buoyancy and Advanced Open Water certifications are highly recommended.


  • Standard SCUBA Equipment
  • Underwater Camera Kit
  • Strobes or Video Lights 

Strobes or Video Lights with color features and snoot attachments are recommended. Schedule a Gear Consultation Appointment to purchase or upgrade your lighting system. Email to book.

Save your spot in the next Dramatic Lighting Workshop!  This class is kept small, so space is limited.  Ready to sign up?  Email or call us at 561-840-8750 to learn more or register.


Get the most out of this workshop!  We highly recommend earning your Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty certification before the workshop. 

Get nice and close to your subjects while hovering just off the bottom.  Protect the marine life we love and become a better photographer by boosting your buoyancy skills.