Photography is challenging enough on land. Add in backscatter and color loss with depth, and things only get more complex underwater. Learning how to compose images while maintaining neutral buoyancy is a feat in itself. And this is all before you even begin adjusting your camera’s settings.

Join Photo Pro Emma Rigolo as she simplifies manual camera settings. Get ready to move from automatic mode into manual!

During the Mastering Manual Photography Workshop, you will get to know your camera on a deeper level.


First, dive into manual settings during an in-person classroom session.

Get hands-on practice with your camera. Locate and adjust settings on your specific model of camera.

Next, head to the Blue Heron Bridge to go diving!

Put your new skills to the test as you change settings on the fly. Discover how small adjustments can have a big impact on your image.

The Blue Heron Bridge is a great location for macro photography, which is recommended. However, students are also welcome to shoot wide angle. 

No matter your current skill level, this is a great workshop for you. Every photographer will benefit from understanding how manual adjustments help compose the perfect image.


What does aperture mean, and how does f-stop relate to it? We will answer this and more during the Mastering Manual Photography Workshop. 

Understand what ISO is, and how adjustments to it impact your images. Find out how f-stop and ISO change your image’s exposure. Learn how tweaking each of these settings individually changes each aspect of your image. Discover how they can work together to help you craft beautiful photos

We will take a deep dive into aperture priority, shutter priority, and even full manual settings.


Participants must be PADI Open Water Diver certified, or other agency equivalent. Divers must have good buoyancy control, particularly in shallow water. 

Want to perfect your buoyancy? Join us for a PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty course. 


Students must have:

  • Full SCUBA Kit (rentals available)
  • Camera with underwater housing (or waterproof camera)
  • Camera’s User Manual (if accessible)
  • Muck stick (recommended)

Tanks and weights are included with the class.

We highly recommend having strobes or video lights. Lighting control will help give you more freedom with manual settings.


Ready to join the Mastering Manual Photography Workshop? Contact us at (561) 840-8750 or email to get started. Custom photo workshops and guided dives are also available.