Coral reefs are some of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth.  But divers know that these amazing symbiotic structures aren’t just important to the environment.  Corals are also some of the most beautiful structures we find underwater.

Lucky for us, Florida has an extensive shallow reef system just offshore. 

It is incredibly quick and easy to hop on a charter and dive among colorful coral reefs

Grab your camera and join us for a coral reef photo workshop!

By sharing your beautiful photos of corals, you can inspire others to take action and protect the underwater world.


Dive offshore as you learn how to identify many species of hard and soft coral that you will find on Florida’s reefs.  From Stony Corals to Octocorals, Star Corals to Sea Whips, each has its own special shapes and features.

During the coral reef photo workshop, use lighting and camera settings to show off different corals.  Play with colorful filters to add drama to your images.  Gain hands-on experience with demo gear from Backscatter.


Coral Reef Photo Workshop divers will need:

  • Full SCUBA Kit
  • Underwater Camera (Housing, Tray & Lights recommended)
  • Laptop or Tablet (for post-dive photo review & editing)

Participants must be Open Water certified or higher.  Enriched Air Nitrox is highly recommended.

Macro photography requires a unique set of scuba diving skills.  Divers will get the most out of the Coral Reef Photo Workshop if they have good buoyancy control.

The workshop includes a classroom session and a 2-tank dive charter on shallow 50′ – 60′ reefs.  The classroom session can be hosted in person or online via zoom.


Expand your reef knowledge by become a Coral Reef Conservation specialty diver.  This comprehensive class can be completed online before the photo workshop.

Understand the complexity of coral reef ecosystems.  Learn the threats facing Florida’s offshore reefs.

Take action to preserve and protect corals.

Ready to get started?  Contact us at 561-840-8750 or email to learn more about the Coral Reef Photo Workshop and sign up.