As snowbirds flock south for the winter, several species of sharks do as well.  Every winter, thousands of sharks, including blacktip sharks, migrate to the warm waters off the coast of South Florida.  They return to familiar grounds to breed, spawning the next generation of these important predators.  
These shark species play a vital role in the health of our ocean ecosystems.  Now, after a decade of research, shark scientists have good reason to believe that we may no longer see these winter visitors. 
For the past ten years, Dr. Stephen Kajiura and his team have monitored the blacktip sharks migration.  Based out of Florida Atlantic University, they have a number of tactics to watch shark movements.  Researchers conduct aerial surveys with airplanes and drones.  They use acoustic and satellite telemetry, and underwater video monitoring.  Perhaps most interestingly, they utilize animal-borne data loggers.  These tags, placed on wild sharks, send detailed data to the lab.  
Scientists monitor the movements and distribution of blacktip sharks as they migrate up the eastern seaboard.  In recent years, this distribution has shifted.  As the oceans continue to warm, sharks no longer migrate as far South as they once did.  This large shift in shark behavior may mean that South Florida will eventually become deprived of these visitors.  
This change could have drastic impacts on multiple trophic levels.  Migratory sharks are seasonally important predators.  Their disappearance from local waters will have lasting consequences for the health of our reefs. 


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Learn about Dr. Kajiura’s ongoing research.  Understand the changes they have observed in shark behavior over recent years.  Find out what the future may look like for shark migratory populations. 

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