Horseshoe crabs have lived in sandy saltwater shallows for hundreds of millions of years, unchanged.  They play a significant ecological role in shallow water sites, like the Blue Heron Bridge.  These arthropods are a food source for a variety of marine wildlife, from fish to sea turtles.  But their importance doesn’t end there… 
Horseshoe crabs are vital to human health.  Anyone who has ever received a vaccine or even a blood transfusion has benefitted from the existence of these amazing creatures.  

These amazing animals have distinct blue blood.  Humans use their blood to test for bacterial contamination on intravenous medications.  

Blood is extracted from live animals, and they are returned to the wild after extraction.  While only four species of horseshoe crabs are found around the world, just one species resides in local waters.  


Join us on Friday, March 19 for the Horseshoe Crab Social Night.  The social night begins online at 6 PM.  Tune in from the comfort of your couch via Zoom. 
Kirk Fusco, Environmental Specialist from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Indian River Lagoon Aquatic Preserves, will join us.  Learn about these amazing animals, and where you can find them in the wild.   
Want to RSVP, or have questions?  Contact us at or call 561-840-8750.  We hope to (virtually) see you soon! 

After the social night, hit the water to observe horseshoe crabs in the wild!  Sign up for a night dive at this beautiful shore diving site.  Become a BHB expert with the PADI Blue Heron Bridge Diver specialty course.