We had a wonderful weekend snorkeling with Manatees and exploring Rainbow River during Pura Vida Divers’ 2018 Manatee Snorkel Adventure! Check out our photos and videos below for a glimpse into our weekend of fun. If you are interested in joining us for next year’s trip, contact 561-840-8750 or Info.PVD@PuraVidaDivers.com…

IMG_2410Day 1 Morning:

We started the first day of our Manatee Snorkel Adventure bright and early! IMG_2404Our group included both new and experienced snorkelers and SCUBA divers. We gathered at American Pro Diving Center, and watched an informative video that taught us “Manatee Etiquette.” We learned how to make the most of our experience in the water with these awesome mammals by staying quiet, practicing passive observation (no touching) and keeping disturbances in the water to a minimum.

After the video, we were ready to hit the water and begin our excursion!


We lucked out this year, with unseasonably warm weather and a large congregation of Manatees, who prefer the cold. Although air temperatures are usually in the 40’s during late July, we enjoyed a pleasant overcast day, with temperatures in the 60’s. Our snorkelers were well prepared in their thick wetsuits and fluffy boat coats. After the snorkel, the crew treated us to delicious Hot Chocolate!



Day 1 Afternoon:

Later that day, we gathered at KP Hole for a snorkel trip down Rainbow River! Rainbow River is fed by freshwater springs. The continuous outpour of water allows SCUBA divers and snorkelers to “go with the flow” and drift down the river as the current moves them.

We swam over tall grass beds swaying in the water, as sandy patches bubbled below our feet. Parts of the riverbed were littered with small shells, potentially hiding fossils and sharks teeth among them.

Rainbow River was teeming with wildlife. Freshwater fish including Bass and even an elusive Gar swam among us, and tall water birds stalked their prey in the shallow waters nearer the shore.


Day 2:

On Sunday morning, we boarded the boat and headed further upstream to 3 Sisters’ Spring. At this spot, Manatees congregate en masse, and we saw more than 20 as we cruised around the borders of their protected zone. This seemed to be a favorite site for momma manatees in particular, who passed by frequently with calves in tow.

Freshwater flow rates are also higher here, so we lucked into better visibility, particularly as we swam upstream. As Manatees cruised in and out of the roped-off area where they huddle, we had up-close-and-personal experiences, with some zooming by just below us in the water.

This was a great finale to our trip! Check out our photos and video below to see more of the trip.

Want to join us? Call 561-840-8750 or email info.pvd@puravidadivers.com to sign up to receive advance notice about next year’s Manatee Adventure, or to join another trip soon!

Manatee Snorkel Gallery

Rainbow River Snorkel