One of the many incredible things about scuba diving isn’t just what we encounter underwater.  It’s also the community of divers we find surface-side!  A big part of this amazing group is the empowered women who dive.

This year on Women’s Dive Day 2021, celebrate the wonderful women divers you know in the best way – by going diving! 

Whether it’s Mom, Grandma, a daughter, your wife or girlfriend, or a beautiful bestie, women who scuba dive are ladies we love to recognize and want to see underwater.

Grab your female dive buddy and join us on Saturday, July 17th!  Celebrate with us as you dive into one of the activities below…


Sign up for an 8 AM or 1:30 PM boat charter.  Better yet, sign up for both and celebrate Women’s Dive Day 2021 all day long!  Join our awesome female crew and customers for drift diving in the Palm Beaches.

With beautiful, shallow 50-60 ft reefs and deeper 70-90 ft reefs and wrecks, there’s something to suit everyone.  Bring along your gal pals or meet new friends on board.

Haven’t been diving in a while?  Hire one of our awesome Private Dive Guides.  They’ll make sure you have everything you need to feel safe and empowered underwater.


Wade into the calm waters under the famous Blue Heron Bridge — one of the best shore dives in the world!  You won’t have to wait long to be amazed.  A variety of marine life hangs out in the shallows.

Join other women who dive.  Check out octopuses nestled in their hiding spots.  Spy on frogfish camouflaged with the artificial reef.  Watch stingrays cruise over the sand, and so much more!

Hire one of our Dive Guides or Photo Pros to make the most out of this unique site.  Their local knowledge and experience are invaluable!


Haven’t tried diving yet?  Or maybe you’re certified, but you need a trustworthy buddy to dive with…  Encourage an important woman in your life to give scuba diving a try!  We can’t think of a better way to spend Women’s Dive Day 2021.

Stay shallow and follow the guidance of an instructor.  Get introduced to the underwater world.  Celebrate women who dive while doing so.

Learn more about what a Discover Scuba Dive is here.


Not quite ready to take the plunge with scuba diving?  That’s okay!  Sign up for a snorkel tour instead.

There’s plenty to enjoy from the surface.  Admire colorful angelfish along the Snorkel Trail.  Look for lobsters and crabs.  Dive down when you want to get a closer look.

Our Snorkel Tour Guides are awesome, enthusiastic, and can’t wait to show you the underwater world!  Just starting your snorkeling journey?  Sign up for a Snorkel Lesson with one of our experienced pros, or enroll in the PADI Skin Diver certification class.  

Women’s Dive Day 2021 is about celebrating amazing ladies who love the ocean.  They inspire us daily in and out of the water!

Join us on Saturday, July 17th.  Call Pura Vida Divers at 561-840-8750 or email to sign up for a diving activity or snorkel tour!