Goliath Grouper Survey

Most divers find wrecked ships, airplanes and even automobiles nearly irresistible because they’re intriguing to explore and exciting avenues of discovery. Wrecks are also teeming with aquatic life, especially if you are wreck diving in Palm Beach in August. The PADI Wreck Diver course teaches you the ins and outs of rewarding, responsible wreck diving.

The wrecks off the coast of Palm Beach are deep and usually have a moderate north current sweeping over them. This type of environment also provides the meeting locations for Goliath Groupers. Diving on our local wrecks during August usually grants divers the opportunity to have a face to face experience with these amazing creatures.

So if you are thinking about getting wreck certified, August is the month to do it, and Pura Vida Divers is the PADI five star IDC teaching facility for you!

If you sign up for the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course during the month of August, you will receive 25% off of your wreck diving accessories including: Wreck safety reels, line cutters, slates, and gloves.

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