For our social night we had Samantha Whitcraft from Shark Savers introduce our divers to the SharkCount project. The SharksCount program empowers divers to log, count and identify the sharks that they see on their recreational dives. 

SharksCount seeks to close an important data gap by enabling divers to act as “citizen scientists for sharks.” Over time, these sightings will provide essential information about local shark population trends with the potential of improving protections for sharks.

Samantha’s informative presentation discussed important topics of shark conservation including the importance of developing a base line for shark populations, the dreadful shark-finning trade, and a number of videos voicing the thoughts of many shark conservationists.

We had a silent auction offering a number of items such as boat passes, t-shirts, books, dive classes, and underwater prints. A full house of divers were present to enjoy the presentation, some delicious food, and some great dive stories. All the proceeds from the night’s social event were donated to Shark Savers to help them in their efforts to protect sharks throughout the world.

We would like to thank all who attended out social night shark presentation and Samantha Whitcraft of Shark Savers for her informative talk. We hope you will join us and Shark Savers to help protect sharks worldwide.