Looking for a dive computer at a great price? Sherwood Scuba is slashing the price on its Amphos Watch Computer (CW6600) down to $299.95 until May 31,2015. This is a deal you don’t want to pass up. Visit our store today and check out this great dive computer.

The Amphos is Sherwood’s newest addition to an already strong lineup of dive computers. Sherwood’s first true watch computer is sure to be a diver’s favorite. This watch computer’s display is based on the intuitive Wisdom3 format.

• Four Operating Modes
• Two Gas (21–50% and 21–100%)
• DSAT Decompression Model/Modified Haldanean (Same algorithm as the Wisdom3)
• Safety and Deep Stop with countdown (Min:Sec)
• Logbook: 24 dives (3 screens each)
• Selectable audible alarms with flashing icons
• Loading bar graphs (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ascent)
• Wet activation