watershot iphone

Underwater photography and video just got a lot easier and cheaper thanks to the  Watershot underwater housing for the iPhone. Unlike a regular waterproof case, the Watershot underwater housing is designed for diving and extreme sports conditions. With a maximum depth rating of up to 195 feet (PRO version), you can rest assure that your iPhone can travel with you to any recreation diving depths and beyond!

With its glass lens and lens baffle you can expect to capture the best quality photos and videos from your iPhone. A custom FREE app allows control of both cameras, start & stop recording for video, image review, and advanced features such as GPS overlays and rapid fire — just to name a few!

Underwater housing for iPhone

Be the first to share your underwater adventures with your friends on the social networks even before you’ve taken off your dive gear! The Watershot underwater housing for the iPhone revolutionizes underwater photography and video by making it available to everyone without the added expense of a dedicated underwater camera system.

Many accessories such as external wide angle and macro lenses, GoPro mounts, light kits, and even a dive module, with depth and temperature sensors, top the list of features available for the Watershot underwater housing. Take your iPhone diving with you today and bring home the adventure!

Pura Vida Divers is now an authorized dealer for the Watershot underwater housings for the iPhone. Stop by our shop and see these amazing underwater housings for yourself. The Watershot is available for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Get yours today!

Check out this great footage captured with the Watershot underwater housing for the iPhone: