Nobody likes to lose an important piece of equipment during a dive.  But, everyone loves the diver who finds and retrieves lost weight pockets, cameras and other runaway gear.  This is what the Search and Recovery Specialty is all about!

Be the hero who can find and recover lost items. Learn how to:

  • Plan an underwater search operation.
  • Find objects lost beneath the waves.
  • Use a lift bag to bring objects to the surface.
  • Improve your navigation skills.

The Search and Recovery Specialty should be the next course on your list!  It teaches you a very useful set of dive skills.  By the end of the class, you will dive with confidence in your ability to search and recover lost or found objects underwater.


When it comes to scuba diving, sometimes the ocean gives, and other times the ocean takes

Often, you find something small underwater, like a flashlight, reel, pair of sunglasses, or even a GoPro.  These objects are easy to pick up and zip into your BCD pocket.  But have you ever found an abandoned anchor strewn across the reef?  That one is not so easy to stow away in a pocket…

Have you ever surfaced only to realize you lost something?  Your cutting tool isn’t clipped where it is supposed to be.  Or worse, your camera seems to be missing.

In both scenarios, the skills you learn in the Search and Recovery Specialty come in handy!


During four dives, learn and practice:

  • Search patterns to find large and small objects underwater.
  • Hands-on practice using a lift bag.
  • Underwater knot tying.
  • Plan and complete an underwater search operation.


Before the specialty, divers need to be at least 12 years old and (Junior) Advanced Open Water certified.  Or, divers can be (Junior) Open Water certified with a certification in Underwater Navigation.

After the Search and Recovery Specialty, take your next step!  Check out the Dive Against Debris Specialty.

Put your search and recovery skills to use by removing harmful marine debris while diving.  Knowing how to tie an effective knot, use a lift bag, and spot lost objects underwater are great skills to keep the ocean floor free of marine debris.

Remember, earning new certifications also brings you closer to achieving Master Scuba Diver status!

Ready to start earning your Search and Recovery Specialty certification?  Contact us at , call 561-840-8750 to sign up.