With flat seas, 80 degree water temperature, crystal-clear blue water, and a super abundance of marine life… It’s hard to top Palm Beach as a diving destination. Our dives today were at Flower Gardens and Breaker’s reef.

We started off the dive near the Fish Bowl on Flower Gardens. This spot is breathtaking for the shear amount of fish life that schools together. Hundreds, if not thousands, of grunts huddle together in this little section of the reef. Swim into the middle of the school and there is nothing but fish surrounding you as far as the eye can see. In unison they move. Disturbed by a pair of large jacks, this wall of fish sways across the reef.


140605-103454-0016A loggerhead sea turtle swims over the top of the school of grunts. You can spend the whole dive in this one spot and enjoy every second of it. The nearby reef hides eels, frogfish, and numerous other sea creatures.

Our second dive took us a little further north along the reef tract to Breaker’s reef. This reef system is adorned in colorful sponges in every imaginable color, soft coral and sea fans sway in the light current, and, again, the abundance of fish life and sea turtles is hard to beat.


Needless to say, the group all appeared to enjoy some great diving in Palm Beach. When it comes to diving in Florida, or anywhere around the world, have a close look at Palm Beach for your diving needs. You’ll quickly realize the Palm Beach offers some of the best diving in the world. And, best of all, it’s right here in our backyard!