Flat Seas 100+ foot of viz= Great day. Dove Juno ledge, Shark Canyon, 
Gov. Riverwalk, and Mid Reef.

First dive i was deck hand. Had a 5 dolphins swim right under the boat! I jumped in, but was not able to get any pictures :/

Second dive on shark Canyon was “insane” It least 6 Reef sharks and a couple Nurse sharks. My group of divers stayed in the “Amphitheater” for 35 min watching the sharks .

You would be looking at one shark, and before you knew it there was one coming behind you! 

Came back to the dock loaded up the boat with new tanks and headed back out! Hit Governors Riverwalk and Mid Reef this aftornoon.

Had a nice size lemon shark on the wreck, and a couple loggerheads on the reef. The viz dropped significantly from the morning trip.. But still some fantastic diving. . 

Could not have asked for a better weekend of diving! Video to come soon!