Octopuses are some of the most fascinating creatures we encounter underwater.  Curious as to why?  Tune in to our September social night!  Learn about Florida Octopuses: From Behavior to Bacteria with Chelsea Bennice.  Otherwise known as the one and only Octo girl.

Have you hovered next to an octopus?  Some are shy and retreat into their hiding holes.  They squish and squeeze their eight arms into teeny tiny spaces.  Only a golden eye peeks out.  Others are quite curious.  They may catch your inquisitive gaze or reach across the sand.   Their suckers search for a shell.

Maybe you’ve seen an octopus change color.  In the span of a few seconds, they flash from bright white to lime to aqua.  The next moment they’re an earthy reddish-brown.  Their texture has changed completely.  Their once smooth bodies are now rough and bumpy.  It gives them impressive camouflage.

Image courtesy Chelsea Bennice.

If you’re a seasoned octopus fan, you’ve already seen the documentaries.  You’ve already read the books.  What else could possibly be out there?  Now is the time for a new chance to learn!

Join our social night on Friday, September 24th from the comfort of your couch.  Stay up-to-date with local octopus research.  Find out what octopus species you can dive with locally.  The Blue Heron Bridge is a great place for an encounter!  Hear all the cool facts from marine biologist Chelsea Bennice.

Photo shared courtesy of Chelsea Bennice


Chelsea Bennice is a marine biologist, science communicator, and Ohio native.  She’s spent 1,000 hours underwater studying octopuses.  This rightfully earned her the name Octo Girl.  That may sound like an aquatic superhero, and Octo Girl is nothing short of super-human.

Chelsea only has two arms of her own, but she’s done the work of someone with eight.  She’s a research scientist at Florida Atlantic University.  She’s also a lead scientific diver for the Scientific Diving and Boating Safety Committee.

Chelsea works with scientists around the world on octopus research projects.  Her research is highlighted in scientific publications, podcasts, and ocean documentaries.

Amongst other ventures, Chelsea is the science writer for OctoNationOctoNation is a non-profit that aims to inspire ocean exploration and conservation through octopus education.

During her free time, you can find Chelsea ready to dive with her camera.  Underwater photography is how she shares her passion for ocean sciences.  

This September, we’ve lucked out.  Join the social night to learn from an octopus expert.


Tune in to the social night via Zoom on Friday, September 24th at 6 PM.  

Octo Girl dives year-round to study octopus behavior.  During her presentation, get ready to learn about:

  • Octopus behavior
  • Previous and current research projects
  • Cool octopus facts!
  • The different octopus species you can find at the Blue Heron Bridge
  • How you can support ocean education and research

Think you’ve learned all there is to know about octopuses?  Think again!  Octo Girl is sure to leave you with a new octopus fact or story.  Tune in to the social night.  Find out more about our eight-armed friends.

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