Atlantic spade fish

The diversity of marine life that we see in Palm Beach can be quite spectacular. From colorful coral reefs to mesmerizing ship wrecks, Palm Beach has something for every diver. The diversity extends beyond the marine life, but also to the diving conditions, too. You can be presented with 40-50 feet of visibility on one dive site and travel a mile and find yourself in 100 feet of visibility. Even the tide affects conditions underwater. Every dive is filled with surprises!

Resident hawksbill sea turtle

One thing stays certain, though… Wherever you are underwater and whatever the dive conditions, you are likely to have some of the best marine life encounters in the world. Whether it’s an encounter with one of the five species of sea turtles (there is a total of seven species in the world), the swarms of fish including countless sharks, or the plethora of coral life growing on our reefs and wrecks, you are certain to me amazed.

Governor's River Walk Wreck

If you want to begin to scratch the surface of what diving in Palm Beach is all about we recommend you stay for a week. Check out our shallow reefs to the south, our wrecks near the inlet, as well as the deeper reefs north. Each place is unique and striking in its own way. Palm Beach is unlike any other place in Florida or the world!

Shallow reef

Just check out a few of the photographs taken today and hopefully you’ll be convinced…