Most people know Palm Beach for its drift diving and its large marine life encounters. Sea turtles, sharks, goliath groupers, rays, and an occasional whale makes the list. Most certainly Palm Beach is also known for its miniature creatures at the world famous Phil Foster Park (aka. Blue Heron Bridge), but have you ever stopped to take a closer look at the miniature creatures you can find while reef diving in Palm Beach?

I must confess… As an underwater photographer it is difficult to break away from the wide angle lens. At any moment that epic underwater moment (ie. whale shark giving birth) can happen, but the truth is those epic moments happen at a much smaller scale, too. Especially for the fish nerd in all of us!


Take for example the strange looking fish in the photograph above. To the average person their first response might not illicit the same reaction as that of a humpback whale over/under photograph with the Breaker’s hotel in the background (I have seen that BTW!), but to any fish geek (aka. ME!) these miniature creatures warrant a similar response.

The rarity of seeing these black brotula fish adds already to the Epicness scale. Add the fact that what you’re seeing in the picture above is a little underwater love in the making. Epicness #2! Where were they, you may ask, on our “Sex on the Reef” night dive just this past weekend? Well… They were there except the female was carrying a belly full of babies. Sometime between June 17th and today she released the babies. Being there for that moment — Epicness Infinity! Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to see that (this time!), but perseverance is my middle name.


Hopefully by now you are understanding the extent of my fishy nerdiness, but, more importantly, you are realizing that as Frank, the pug from the movie Men In Black said, “Just because something is really small doesn’t mean it’s not really important.” These miniature creatures are in every way as exciting to see as a whale shark giving birth.

So next time you’re out diving on the reefs in Palm Beach… SLOW WAY DOWN! Look for the miniature creatures. I guarantee you that your enjoyment and, more importantly, your appreciation for the reef will be ten fold. There is a whole other magical world right under our noses. Check it out! I’m certain you will be signing up for the Fish Nerd Club in no time. 🙂

Want to experience some of this Fishy Nerd Epicness for yourself? Sign up for our Sunday REEF Fish dives with Andrea. Her fishy nerdiness is contagious!!!  Trust me… You’ll love it!

Happy diving!