I’m starting to notice a trend in our Blackwater dives… The alien-like marine life encounters are different every single time, but the divers onboard seem to be the same. No question about it — these Blackwater dives are addictive (I’m guilty)!

Last night’s Blackwater dive was heavenly. A mix of clear water and strong currents, not that we sense it underwater, provided the divers with some great encounters. It was a cinch staying with, what I call, the 1970s disco float ball (John Travolta would be dancing in his white polyester suit to the lights on this ball).  Speaking of 1970s disco, one of the sea creatures I saw down there was this 1-inch lobster larvae on roller skates. I see them often hitching a ride on the bells of jellyfish but this little guy had a pair of pelagic tunicates that were spinning him around in all directions (similar to how I look when I put on a pair of skates).

Other sea creatures we encountered included squid, centipede-looking polychaete worms, two heteropods (mating or predating), pelagic bioluminescent nudibranchs, sea angels, glass eels, and of course lots and lots of jellies including some that looked like the immortal jelly! The highlight for me was a beautiful 1/4inch little fish with what looks like a lion’s mane. It used these oversized pectoral fins to move through the water similar to a jellyfish’s propulsion.

As I said, these Blackwater dives are addictive both to the fish nerd and sci-fi fan. The stuff we see down there is out of this world. Join us on a Blackwater dive and see for yourself!


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