Don’t miss the chance to capture the photo of a lifetime this year.  Sign up for the Goliath Grouper Wide Angle Photo Workshop with our in-house photography pro, Andrea Whitaker.

Ever been diving with these gentle beasts?  Let me tell you what it’s like.

You’re hovering in the hallway of the Ana Cecilia, one of the wrecks in the Palm Beach dive site The Corridor.  You slowly shine your flashlight around, illuminating the dark crevices of the sunken ship.

Suddenly, a pair of big, dark eyes reflect in the center of the beam.  Caught off guard, you gulp and do a double-take.  What could those eyes belong to?

You move your light over, highlighting the body of the creature.  It stretches impossibly wide.  Mottled brown, speckled with black spots.  Its beady eyes are trained on you, its lips upturned in a perpetual frown.  Its tail swishes languidly as it moves toward you.

The hallway isn’t big enough for the both of you.  In the size game of diver versus Goliath Grouper, you come up short.


One of the truly amazing things about diving in Palm Beach is the aggregation of Goliath Groupers every year.  They gather in South Florida to spawn.  Hold onto your regulators, because witnessing their presence on a dive is truly jaw-dropping.

Goliath Groupers are the largest tropical reef-dwelling boney fish in the world.  They can reach up to 8 feet in length and weigh a whopping 800 pounds.  It’s no wonder we can’t seem to keep our eyes off them.

These giants commonly congregate around the 70-90 foot wrecks.  If you’ve dived with us before, maybe you’ve seen them guarding a bow or wheelhouse.  If you’ve seen them, you know the experience is unforgettable.

But, like any amazing marine-life encounter, it’s hard to explain what you saw on a dive to someone on the surface.  Our explanations never seem to do the experience justice.  Even some photos can fall short.

This year, we can help you get the shot that’s more than memorable.  Sign up for the Goliath Grouper Wide Angle Workshop.  Learn photography tips and tricks for getting the perfect shot of these giants from our photo pro, Andrea Whitaker.


Capturing photos of Goliath Grouper in a drift environment can prove to be difficult.  It requires a refined set of skills and guidance from a pro.

Gain comprehensive knowledge throughout a classroom session and two dives on a 2-Tank Dive Charter.  Get ready to learn about:

  • Goliath Grouper aggregation habits and behavior
  • Drift diving skills for wrecks in Palm Beach
  • Photographing Goliath Groupers in these settings
  • Wide-angle equipment setup and maintenance
  • Camera settings for different wide-angle conditions
  • Strobe settings and placement
  • Lighting techniques


  • Standard scuba equipment — equipment is available to rent from Pura Vida Divers if needed
  • Underwater camera kit
  • Laptop or Tablet for review and minor editing

All classroom sessions are available via Zoom or in-person at the dive shop.  Afterward, students should plan to arrive at the marina an hour before boat departure. Whether you’re a newbie photographer or a seasoned pro, don’t miss the chance to add Goliath Groupers to your photography repertoire.


Goliath Grouper are most frequently found on deep (70′ – 90′) dives.  Divers must be Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) and Enriched Air Nitrox certifiedDivers must be comfortable diving to deep depths in a drift environment.

Not yet Enriched Air Nitrox certified? Don’t miss out on the perfect photo because of bottom time.  Learn more about Nitrox hereA Nitrox class can be scheduled in conjunction with the Goliath Grouper Photo Workshop sessions.

Rental equipment and Steel tank upgrades are available upon request.  Tanks and weights are included with the workshop.

Whether you have a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR, the Goliath Grouper Wide Angle Photo Workshop will teach you invaluable photography techniques.  Learn how to capture photos of these surreal giants in a drift environment.

Ready to snapshot your greatest Goliath Grouper image? Call Pura Vida Divers at 561-840-8750 or email to sign up for the Goliath Grouper Photo Workshop!