A colorful bunch of characters are always to be expected during Halloween, but who would have guessed we would see them underwater?!?! Joining in the Halloween costume fun were a couple of the crew (and divers!) from Pura Vida. Not only were we treated to the kaleidoscopic colors of the reefs, but some rainbow-colored divers, too!


141028-122546-0078In between all the underwater laughs, we enjoyed a beautiful day of diving — AGAIN! Conditions were 70-80ft of visibility, lower 80 degrees water temp, and a very light north current. Sea turtles, eels, sharks… You know.. The typical AWESOME Palm Beach marine life encounters we come to expect.


While some of the Halloween hooligans were having their fun, the more serious bunch were busy working on their rebreather course… But with all that extra bottom time those rebreathers give them, they couldn’t help but join in on the fun!


Come enjoy a little Halloween fun — Palm Beach style! Put on your best (and dive-safe, of course!) costume and join in the fun. All the while enjoying of some great diving conditions!