While Sirena was out in the ocean enjoying a wonderful morning of diving at Bath & Tennis reef and Frogfish 2 reef, a couple of us went out to dive the Blue Heron bridge. Once again, we were not disappointed by the many surprises the bridge had to offer.

Numerous eagle rays encircled us throughout the dive, sea robins and flying gurnards were paired up and busy about their everyday affairs. A number of jawfish, both dusky and banded, we busy tidying up their homes. One dusky jawfish was so involved in his work that he didn’t mind us hovering nearby. We watched him leave the safety of his burrow in search of shells to encircle the entrance to its home. Nearby a female jawfish watched her busy companion.

A mantis shrimp found himself in a predicament as one of his claws was stuck to the arm of a nine armed starfish; no doubt from a previous brawl. At first the mantis shrimp and the star fish were reluctant to give but eventually the mantis shrimp unlatched his arm and the star fish moved away. 

Even something as common as a pair of arrow crabs captivated our attention. One of the arrow crabs, which we assumed was a female, was carrying a batch of eggs in a marsupial-like pouch. Above this arrow crab, a larger arrow crab had one of its claw grasping on to the egg laden individual; never once did he let go. When one claw would seem to get tired he would switch to his other claw. I’m sure the Women Arrow Crab Rights Organization would have a few things to say about that behavior! 🙂

The grand finale in this two-hour long dive was a snake eel with its head sticking out of the sand. We have only seen this unique eel a few times so spending some time observing it was a real treat. 

As always, the Blue Heron bridge dive did not disappoint. With over 25ft. of visibility and 79 degree water temperature the conditions were ideal for a nice relaxing dive with plenty of creatures to see. Want to see some of these amazing creatures for yourself? Call us and book your own private guided dive at the Blue Heron bridge with Pura Vida Divers.

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