We would like to thank everyone for helping to make our Social Nights and events a success in the past. With your help we have raised thousands of dollars for conservation and research.

Here’s to a new year of social events!  We look forward to sharing our passion for the ocean and the marine world with you in 2015.

2015 Event Schedule:

We will add the link for the our event’s details each month, so check back often or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

January 30th Social Night: Shark Presentation

January 10th: 1-Tank Reef Night Dive aboard Sirena

January 23rd – 25th: Manatee Trip

February 13th Social Night: REEF Fish Counts: Shark Identification

February 13th – 15th: SHARK WEEKend

February 14th: PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Speciality Course 

February 14th: Jupiter Lemon Shark Trip

February 15th: REEF Fish Count Dives for Sharks

March 13th Social Night: Leatherback Presentation

March 14th & 15th: Citizen Scientists for REEF

April 1st – 23rd: Endangered Species Photo Contest

April 18th: Great American Cleanup at Phil Foster Park

April 22nd: Earth Day Reef Splash for Trash aboard Sirena

April 24th Social Night: GoPro Night

May 22nd Social Night: Memorial Day Cookout Party

May 22nd – 25th: Memorial Day SALE!

May 30th: Black Water Drift Dive

June 12th – 14th: Sea Turtle Awareness Weekend

June 12th Social Night: Sea Turtle Presentation

June 13th: Sunrise Beach Walk with Dr. Larry Wood

June 13th: 2015 PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Distinctive Speciality Course

June 14th: Sea Turtle Education Day with Dr. Larry Wood

June 20th: Black Water Drift Dive

July 4th SALE!

July 11th: Black Water Drift Dive

July18th: Phil Foster Park Adopt-A-Park Cleanup

July 18th: 5th Annual Southeast Florida Reef Cleanup

July 17th: PVD Ladies Night

July 18th: PADI Women’s Dive Day: Blue Heron Bridge Dive

July 24th Social Night: Lobster Education Presentation

July 29th & 30th:  Mini Lobster Season

August 1st: Black Water Drift Dive

August 8th: Black Water Drift Dive

August 14th – 16th: Goliath Grouper Weekend

August 14th Social Night: Goliath Grouper Presentation

August 15th: Goliath Grouper Night Dive

August 15th & 16th: Goliath Grouper Wreck Dives Aboard Sirena

August 29th: Black Water Drift Dive

September 5th: Black Water Drift Dive

September 4th – 7th: Summer Blowout Labor Day SALE!

September 12th: 1-Tank Goliath Grouper Night Dive

September 19th: PBCDA Annual Summer’s End Party & Artificial Reef Fundraiser

September 19th: International Coastal Cleanup Day

October 16th Social Night: Spooky Halloween Party & Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 31st: Underwater Halloween Costume Contest

November 28th: Blue Heron Bridge Saturday After Thanksgiving Turkey Dive & Party

November 20th: Social Night: Manatee Awareness Presentation

November 27th – 29th: Black Friday, Small Business Weekend Deals

November 30th: Cyber Monday Deals

December 1st – 12th: Pura Vida’s 12 Days of Sales

December 5th: Phil Foster Park Quarterly Beach Cleanup

December 12th Social Night: PVD Christmas Party

For reservations, please call or email:

We look forward to spending 2015 with you all!