Find out what you need to know to dive with goliath grouper.

Diving with giants will leave you awestruck.  Hovering next to a car-sized fish is an incredible experience.  Drifting toward a shipwreck with goliaths guarding the bow is an unforgettable site. 

But there are important ways to prepare for diving with these gentle beasts.

Every year, Goliath grouper aggregate along the coast of the Palm Beaches.  It’s the only place in the world where this occurs.  We are able to admire them as they flock to local wrecks and reefs.  At the right time, it’s even possible to observe an active spawning event.

Diving with giants is an experience to add to your bucket list.  Goliath groupers’ size is enough to make any diver go slack-jaw.  Their thunderous barks rattle bones.  And their languid nature makes for incredible close encounters.

Here are the best ways to prepare for diving with Goliath grouper in deep, drift conditions.


Whenever you dive in new conditions, it’s important to know what to expect.  Being prepared with the right training and equipment is the best way to ensure you’ll have great dives. 

Diving with goliath grouper here means you will dive in deep, drift conditions.  There is certain gear you need to have, like an SMB, DSMB, and flashlight.  Get the right training and guidance from an instructor by taking a specialty.

Want to dive with giants this year?  Here’s how you can prepare to dive with Goliath grouper. 


Make the most out of your time underwater with the Enriched Air Nitrox specialty.  Maximize your dive time by diving with a higher content of oxygen.

The Nitrox certification is a must for any diver in the Palm Beaches.  More time underwater means more chances to hang out with giants.


Usually, Goliath grouper aggregate on deep reefs and wrecks in the Palm Beaches.  The average depth for goliath grouper dives is between 70 to 90 feet.

Diving deeper can mean faster air consumption, a higher chance of experiencing narcosis, and lower no-decompression limits.  Learn what other considerations accompany deep dives with the Deep Diver Specialty.

When wreck diving, it’s important to know how to safely navigate around wrecks and find relief from the current.  In the Wreck Diver Specialty, you can also learn how to penetrate wrecks, where goliaths may be lurking.


Diving in the Palm Beaches means diving in current.  Drifting along a reef or wreck is one of the most fun ways to dive!  But there are certain skills needed to do so safely.  

Can you deploy a surface marker buoy underwater?  Do you know the best way to dive in a strong current?  Learn these skills in the Drift Diver Specialty.

It’s important to be calm underwater no matter what the conditions are.  When talking about what you need to know to dive with goliath grouper, being comfortable in current is essential.


During goliath grouper dives, we do our best to visit sites these giants are known to gather on.  Sometimes, Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, but being prepared gives you the best chance at swimming with these underwater giants.  That’s what makes a natural encounter with goliath grouper that much more special!

Feeling unsure about taking the plunge?   Bring along a Private Dive Guide!  These pros dive with only you and/or your group to make sure you are comfortable the entire dive.  Call us at (561) 840-8750 or email to book a Private Dive Guide for your next visit.


Up for a new challenge before summer ends?  By earning specialty certifications to prepare to dive with goliath grouper, you are one step closer to becoming a Master SCUBA Diver.  Take our Master SCUBA Diver Challenge!

Earn certifications in five specialty areas and keep growing as a diver.  Learn more about what it takes to become a Master SCUBA Diver.

Love diving in South Florida? Learn to dive like a local and become a Palm Beach Diver. The Palm Beach Master SCUBA Diver focus incorporates many of the specialties recommended to dive with goliath grouper.

Each specialty certification also takes you one step closer to becoming a PADI Divemaster.  Start your professional diver journey!

Now you know how to safely dive with Goliath grouper!  Be prepared with the right equipment and training to dive with giants in deep, drift conditions.

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