Ever dreamed of a flexible and fulfilling lifestyle?  Want to share your passion for the underwater world with others?

There are many benefits to becoming a dive professional. 

Let’s explore why and how you can start your journey to PADI Pro.


I wake up with the sunrise.  It’s early, but it’s the part of my day when I appreciate, reflect, and prepare for what’s in store. 

Then, I head to the dive shop to meet my students.  We finished their pool skills yesterday.  Today, we get to dive in open water at the Blue Heron Bridge.  I’m excited because my students are excited.  Some can’t wait to see the brightly colored angelfish swirling around the Snorkel Trail.  Others just want to experience the calm relaxation found underwater.

After our open water dives, we can’t stop talking about the slew of marine creatures we saw.  I’m proud of my students for completing their skills and practicing their buoyancy.  They thank me and say they can’t wait for tomorrow when we get to dive offshore. 

I can’t help but smile.  As a PADI Pro, I spend my days feeling fulfilled because I get to teach people one of the coolest things in the world, how to breathe underwater.


a master scuba diver hovers in front of a wreck as she shines a flashlight

Take a look at the picture above.  You can see almost every diver starts in the same place.  First, with a Discover Scuba Dive and/or their Open Water Course.  Then, divers move on to Adventure Diver, Advanced Open Water, different specialties, and Rescue Diver.  

After that, the world is your oyster!  Better yet, the ocean is your oyster.  Some divers challenge themselves with technical diving.  Others focus on different specialties, like Underwater Photography or Nitrox, to earn their Master Scuba Diver rating. 

Finally, there are dive professionals.  Divers move on to become Divemasters and Instructors.  They earn their status as a PADI Pro.


A PADI Pro is a dive professional.  Becoming a PADI Pro is both challenging and very rewarding.  You get the opportunity to change lives and help others find a new passion.  

The first professional-level certification is Divemaster.  Divemasters can lead certified divers and assist on courses.  Then, PADI Pros move on to become Instructors, Staff Instructors, and even Course Directors.  These teachers can certify others to become divers.

Take a look at the PADI Professional’s Creed for some inspiration.


a master scuba diver studies a vibrant barrel sponge

Everyone has a different reason for becoming a PADI Pro.  But, when you ask a dive pro what their reason was, you might find some common answers.

For some, becoming a PADI Pro is a way to escape the 9-to-5 lifestyle.  Others find joy and fulfillment in sharing their passion with others. 

a master scuba diver studies a vibrant barrel sponge

Take a look at these common answers. 

  • The ocean is your office.
  • Like-minded, ocean enthusiasts are your co-workers.
  • Share your passion for diving and the ocean with others.
  • Help others conquer their fears, learn something new, and discover a new passion.
  • Protect the ocean by teaching others how to conserve and appreciate it.

Did you find a reason to start your journey to PADI Pro?  Or, do you have another one?


a master scuba diver studies a vibrant barrel sponge

Congratulations!  Deciding to start your journey to PADI Pro is a moment to celebrate.  No matter where you are on your dive journey, we can help you take the next step.

Take a look at our Career Training Packages that make the most out of your dive training.  Whether you already have some certifications under your belt or have never tried diving before, we have tailored options to suit your journey.

Already a Rescue Diver?  Explore the benefits of our Divemaster Program or Divemaster Internship.  Get training that’s above and beyond the minimum requirements.  Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run a successful dive operation.


a master scuba diver studies a vibrant barrel sponge

Veterans, did you know we are the only dive shop in Palm Beach County approved for VA educational benefits through the State of Florida? 

At Pura Vida, you are able to use your GI Bill benefits to fund your career as a dive professional.  Take advantage of these benefits no matter where you are in your dive training.  We have packages to bring those who are not yet certified as a diver all the way to SCUBA Instructor. 

If you’re already an instructor, we have ways to further your pro-level certifications, such as gaining your Resort Operations Specialist rating.

Check out our 6 Career Programs and Veterans Info.


One of the best ways to start your journey to PADI Pro is by being prepared.  Build your confidence and skills by becoming a Master Scuba Diver.  

Divers with this rating earn five specialty certification in different areas that interest them.  There are so many specialties to choose from!  Which ones interest you most?


a master scuba diver studies a vibrant barrel sponge

If you’re an Advanced Open Water diver, your adventure dives may already count towards your specialty certification.

In the wise words of Winston Churchill, “from what we get we make a living, from what we give we make a life”.  PADI Pros enjoy the privilege of giving to others and making the most out of life.  We explore the underwater world, admiring reefs, wrecks, and marine creatures.  We impart our passion to others.  

Becoming a PADI Pro is the ultimate way to turn your passion into a profession.  So what do you say? 

Ready to start your journey to PADI Pro?  Contact us at training@puravidadivers.com or call 561-840-8750 to sign up for courses and specialties!