It was like a 1970’s psychedelic underwater black light party! The neon-glowing fluorescence of fireworms, octopus, corals, and tube anemones carpeted the ocean floor at the famous Blue Heron bridge. Thanks to the generosity of Light & Motion — creators of powerful and compact underwater lights — Pura Vida divers had the opportunity to try out the new Sola Nightsea fluorescent underwater light system.

The Sola Nightsea fluorescent light is a compact and powerful underwater light that produces a special blue light that acts as a fluorescent excitor. Many sea creatures absorb and re-emit a visible glow, transforming the ocean into a 1970’s psychedelic underwater black light party.

The sights were amazing! Not only did everyone have the opportunity to see the creatures of the Blue Heron bridge in a different manner, but under the Sola Nightsea lights many sea creatures that go hidden from plain sight stand out in glowing fluorescent colors.

If Fluoro-Diving is something you want to try out using the Sola Nightsea lights, or any of the numerous fantastic underwater lights produced by Light & Motion, check out the complete line up of lights at our Pura Vida Divers shop on Singer Island.

Special thanks to Paul Barnett and Light & Motion for sharing with Pura Vida Divers your great line-up of underwater lights.

If you would like to purchase any of these photographs, please contact Laz at TheLivingSea.com.