Sea turtles, hunting eels, goliath groupers, sharks, squid and tons of tropical fish. That is how best to describe today’s dives on Flower Gardens and Breaker’s reef in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The M/V Sirena headed to the southern reefs across calm 1-2 foot seas. The water, a crystal-blue color, was so inviting. Once in the water we could see the bottom from the surface. Horizontal visibility was a good 50+ feet. To add to the nice conditions was a soothing 79 degree water temperature.

Throughout our hour long dive we encountered numerous sea turtles including hawksbills and countless loggerheads. A couple of eels, a spotted and a green, were busy swimming along the reef hunting for lunch. A gorgeous coney, in its uncommonly seen yellow phase, flirted in front of the dive group. Not far away a large female nurse shark who appeared to had recently given birth was resting on the reef. A school of 17 Caribbean reef squid mesmerized the divers. For an hour we were in an underwater bliss.

On our second dive we headed to Lopata’s reef–the eastern side of Breaker’s reef. This section of the reef, with its amazing coral coverage and its sloping topography, is always a real treat. Under the large ledges and within the confines of all the soft corals all manner of marine life could be seen. Loggerhead sea turtles were in abundance–many of them resting from what was likely a long night nesting on the beaches of Palm Beach. We finished off the dive on Turtle Mound with four loggerhead sea turtles. Another great day of diving in Florida.

If you want to experience a new kind of diving in Florida check out West Palm Beach. You won’t be disappointed!

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