We would love to share with you one of the entries for our Thankful for the Ocean contest from Myrna Molinari:

Myrna Molinari


I spent a week sitting on the bow of a dive boat, feeling the weight of health and life problems dragging me down.  The ocean became my therapist that week.  She showed me her vastness, her power, her playfulness.  She shared her stingrays and starfish and rainbow fish with me and gave me a sense of wonder again. The ocean breeze blew away my worries, fears and cares and feeling its vastness and power gave me the determination to fight for myself yet again.  The ocean gave me solace when I need peace and it took away the chaos from my mind and soul.  She continues to give and take away.  Her violent storms and riptides and crashing waves remind me to live each moment, thankful for what I have and being in the moment as that is all I have. The ocean gives me a place to walk on its sandy shores, hand in hand with my husband, and reconnect as the wind carries away our differences and the sun highlights our similarities.  It gives me a place to play with my children and watch them laugh and be carefree while playing games in the surf.  She gives us an opportunity to snorkel in her shallows as we share the beautiful shells we find and feel the connections we have with each other in those shared moments.  As I dive to her depths with my children and friends and drift along her colorful reefs and sandy bottoms the stunning and vibrant life she nurtures brings excitement and joy every time.   The ocean reminds me of my blessings and the endless possibilities to be found as I dare to find adventure in her salty waters.  Sharing her majestic sharks, curious octopus, delightful squid, fascinating seahorses, territorial fish, playful eels and gracious stingrays and so many other wonders blesses my life in ways too numerous to count and for that I am forever thankful to the Ocean.