Are you ready to dive into your next challenge?  Sign up for the PADI Tec Deep program to do just that. 

During this series of technical classes, divers gain novel skills, refine old ones, set new limits, and explore deeper into the abyss.

Throughout the Tec Deep program, practice techniques and run through drills unique to tec diving.  Fine-tune your buoyancy. 

Optimize your reaction time underwater.  Learn how to stage and don decompression bottles.

2 tec divers practicing an out of air scenario in the Tec Deep Course
A diver donning deco bottles underwater, a skill practiced in the Tec Deep Course


At the end of the PADI Tec Deep program, you will have earned your Tec 40, Tec 45, and Tec 50 certifications.  These courses can be taken consecutively to maximize skill practice and retention.  Keep newly learned procedures and techniques fresh in your mind as you move through the Tec Deep sequence.  

If you prefer to space these courses out, they do not have to be taken back to back.  Hop aboard our Technical Diving Charters to fine tune your skills in the meantime.

TEC 40

Start your journey with Tec 40.  Take the first step into the technical diving world.  Earn the qualifications to safely dive to 130 feet with up to 10 minutes of decompression. Go through the training to carry a deco tank with up to 50% EANx.  

In the first part of the Tec Deep program, get a feel for the equipment and training required for technical diving.

To learn more about required gear and course prerequisites, click here.

TEC 45

Set new limits as you move into Tec 45.  Learn what it takes to dive beyond recreational limits to a maximum depth of 145 feet. 

Understand how to manage longer decompression times using a single cylinder of  EANx or oxygen to accelerate decompression.

To learn more about required gear and course prerequisites, click here.

TEC 50

Complete your Tec Deep program journey with Tec 50.  Explore deeper to a maximum depth of 165 feet.  Extend your bottom time and accelerate decompression by managing two decompression gases with up to 100% oxygen.

To learn more about what’s included in Tec 50, required gear, and course prerequisites, click here.


Tec diving gear is different than a recreational setup.  It is highly recommended to arrange a gear consultation or discuss equipment with your instructor.  All gear must meet the requirements for the course.

Some equipment, such as regulators, exposure protection suits, and masks, are available for rent.  Make sure to consult with your instructor or call the shop with questions. 

Tanks and weights are included with the class fees.  If you have your own, please discuss this with your instructor prior to the course.  Tanks must meet the course requirements.

Ready to dive into your next challenge?  Start your journey, set new limits, and explore deeper with PADI’s Tec Deep program

Feeling unsure?  That’s okay too.  The world of tec diving can be daunting, and tec diving isn’t for everyone.  Read why you might want to Try Technical Diving before diving in. 

Begin your tec journey today by contacting the dive shop.  Call 561-840-8750 or email