Where does the future of exploration truly lie in the 21st century?

As technology adapted over the years, mankind ventured far beyond our planet.  It may seem as though the world is looking to outer space for expanded exploration.  

While astronauts advance outside of Earth’s atmosphere, it begs a question.  Is there anything left to explore at home?

To Cristina Zenato and her team, the answer is yes. 


Cristina is an underwater explorer and shark conservationist.  She is an inducted member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, and founder of the non-profit organization People of the Water.  Cristina and her team of technical divers adventure deep under Earth’s surface.

Image courtesy Cristina Zenato.

The deeper into our planet that they venture, the more Cristina Zenato and her team find to be discovered and explained.  

Journey with us into the world of cave exploration.  Learn about its evolution.  Find out how gear has evolved over the years to adapt to the technical needs of cave divers. 

Uncover current methods of underwater cave exploration.  See how these methods are changing as we make advances to discover the most hidden parts of planet Earth. 

Learn from a renowned scuba diver and underwater adventurer. 

Image courtesy Cristina Zenato.


Join us on Friday, April 15 at 6 PM.  Tune in via Zoom from the comfort of your home.  The login link will be provided in your confirmation email when you register for the event.  

Listen to the amazing stories of Cristina Zenato as we venture with her under the surface of the Earth.  After the presentation, ask questions as we chat with our guest speaker. 


Are you inspired by Cristina Zenato and want to learn more about technical diving?  Ready to don new, exciting gear? 

Take the next step in your diving adventures!  Dive deeper, and discover new reefs and wrecks.  

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