Creature Feature

One of the many “snake” eels, the Sharptail Eel is usually found slithering along the bottom, looking for a hiding hole. These eels can grow to about 2 ½ – 3 feet in length but remain relatively slender.  Sharptails are not common in Florida so you are lucky is you see one!!!

What do they eat?

At night, the Sharptail Eel comes out in the open to hunt for small fish, crabs, and other crustaceans. But during the day they typically hide in the reef.


Sharptail eels can be found in both shallow and deep water, about 5 to 40ft. They find shelter in seagrass beds, rocky rubble, and of course coral reefs. With the help of their pointed tail these guys can also burrow in the sand.

Cool Fact:

Divers often mistake a Sharptail for sea snake because of their similar “snaky” appearance.

There is a simple way to distinguish between the two: the tails! Sharptail eels (and other snake eels) have sharply pointed tails, hence the name! They also have very prominent nostrils on their face.

FYI Divers:

Usually, sharptail eels are not afraid of divers and will allow you to approach slowly.