What do you get when you mix a jaw-some shark-filled weekend with interesting shark seminars and exciting shark dives?  Sharkapalooza!

Kick off your summer by celebrating sharks.  Find out everything you always wanted to know about these incredible apex predators. 

Hop aboard a dive charter and dive with sharks in their natural environment.  Learn from shark expert and advocate, Dr. Alex Brylske.  


There is no denying that sharks are ancient, powerful, and mysterious creatures.  We are lucky to get to dive with them right here in Southeast Florida.  These creatures are more than thrilling dive buddies though.  They are a vital part of the marine ecosystem.

Sharks can be found along tropical coral reefs, coastal waters, open oceans, and the icy arctic.  Some species can even be found in freshwater rivers and lakes.  Their presence in these habitats plays an important part in the health of our environment.

sharkapalooza, a tiger shark


Join us on Memorial Day weekend and learn all you can about sharks.  On Saturday, May 28, meet us at the dive shop for 2 jaw-some presentations about these fascinating fish.  Then, dive with us on a shark diving charter the morning of Sunday, May 29.

Start off your scuba-filled summer the best way there is.  Learn about some of our favorite marine creatures — sharks.  Get the opportunity to dive with them too.  Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from a shark expert. 

Sharkapalooza leader and educator, Dr. Alex Brylske

Dr. Alex Brylske is Reef Smart Guide’s Director of Education.  He is a dive industry veteran, educator, and marine conservation biologist with decades of experience.

During the 1980s, he was the educational program development manager for PADI.  He crafted many of the programs used to train divers.  In 2019, “Dr. B” retired as Professor of Marine Science at the College of the Florida Keys.  There, he taught many field-based marine science courses and helped develop the unique B.S. degree program in marine resource management.

Over Memorial Day weekend, he will be here to teach us all about sharks and why they are so important.  Join us at Pura Vida Divers for a weekend learning all about sharks.


Don’t miss this amazing chance to learn from a passionate industry expert.  Dr. B will fill our Saturday with 2 FREE seminars.  Find out how Sharks Make a Shark a Shark and what it means to be In the Jaws of Extinction.



Explore what makes a shark a shark and why they are such a unique group of fishes. Start by looking at how sharks evolved over Earth’s history.  Uncover answers to ancient mysteries.  Learn why successful giants like the Megalodon went extinct.

Then, discuss the unique anatomy and biology of sharks.  Dive deep into puzzling pieces of shark physiology.  Have you ever wondered why sharks don’t have bones?  What distinct ways have they used to adapt to living in seawater?  Why are some sharks warm-blooded?  Discover the incredible feats behind sharks’ electro-sensitivity and mammalian-like reproductive mode.  

sharkapalooza, two lemon sharks


After a lunch break, turn your attention to the “human-shark equation”.  Examine how sharks have been viewed by various cultures throughout history.  Understand how this has led to fear, loathing, and an unwarranted bad reputation for sharks.

Listen to the counterpoint.  Sharks are vital components of a healthy marine ecosystem.  Find out what would happen if sharks were removed from it.

Learn why shark populations are in decline and why this is detrimental to the environment and human well-being. Uncover the conservation status of major shark species.  Discover why sharks are vulnerable to overfishing.  Dive into the inhumane shark finning issue along with what is being done to combat it.

Finish the discussion with a look at human-shark interactions, both positive and negative.  Discuss responsible shark ecotourism and what features define this kind of shark diving experience.



After sinking your teeth into all the cool shark facts and history, let’s go diving!  Hop aboard a shark diving charter on Sunday morning.  The charter runs from 8 AM to 1 PM on Sunday, May 29th, and will visit dive sites where sharks are usually spotted.  Keep in mind sharks are wild animals and we cannot guarantee their presence.  This is not a baited dive. 

Dive alongside Dr. Brylske as you observe sharks in their natural environment.  Listen to fin-tastic facts about the sharks you encounter during the dives.  Study their fascinating biology up close and personal.  Have any burning questions about sharks?  Dr. B is the shark man with the answer.


Take your passion for sharks to the next level.  Debunk misconceptions and provide others with accurate information.  Become a shark defender. 

Further your training with the PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Class. 

Divers can earn credit for this specialty course during Sharkapalooza.  This specialty counts toward the Master Scuba Diver Challenge too. 

Learn more about the Shark Conservation specialty here.

Celebrate sharks during Sharkapalooza.  Learn about these important marine creatures and get the chance to dive with them.  Start your summer with an unforgettable shark experience.

Learn as much as you can about sharks in order to protect them.  Become a passionate shark defender.  Save sharks by earning your PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Class certification.

Contact us at training@puravidadivers.com or call 561-840-8750 for more information.