The beautiful reef at Shark Canyon.

Sirena headed north this afternoon in the hopes of seeing some sharks at Shark Canyon. Not only were we graced with sharks, but an incredible 100+ feet of visibility, water temperature in the mid to upper 70s, no current and 2-3 foot seas.

We dropped in near the deep ledge at Shark Canyon where, from a distance, we could see two goliath groupers trying to evade us in the sand. With visibility at well over 100+ feet, they were going to have to swim a good distance away before we couldn’t see them.

Swimming up to the amphitheater, the reef sharks began appearing. In the mix of 4-6 reef sharks was a tiny little shark no more than 3-4 feet. Throughout the dive the sharks would swim passed the divers. Along the way we stopped to see a loggerhead who was snoozing away under the ledge. Under the clear blue waters, the beauty of the reef and its inhabitants made for some spectacular photo opportunities.

We headed back south for our second dive and the decision was made by everyone to see some more sharks, so we headed to the Princess Anne wreck. Visibility here was not as striking as at Shark Canyon, but with 70-80ft it was still quite nice. The bull sharks never showed up, but between the loggerhead turtle, schools of fish, and a giant goliath grouper, we enjoyed exploring this unique wreck.

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