ScubaLab in da House!

ScubaLab Regulator Testing commenced aboard Sirena today.  Seven testers braved the rough in-shore conditions off of Palm Beach County to each test 13 brand new regulators out on the market. Today, ScubaLab divers specifically commented on the ergonomics of each regulator…such as how it breathes upside down, where the bubbles exhaust, and the general fit and feel of the regulators.  Testers diligently wrote down their pros and cons and several regulators received high marks!

 Be sure to look for the final results in the upcoming Scuba Diving Magazine articles coming out this summer.

What is ScubaLab you ask?  John Brumm, ScubaLab Director says, “ScubaLab does what scuba divers would do if they could. ScubaLab exists to help divers become informed consumers of dive gear. Nobody devotes as much manpower, spends as much money, or invests as much time to provide objective and practical information on dive gear as ScubaLab. ScubaLab gear reviews are designed to find out exactly what a particular piece of gear is supposed to do, and how well it does its job. Everything ScubaLab does flows from this.” 

For a great description on how regulators are tested and what ergonomics means to you, check out last years regulator tests at: