It is inevitable! If you dive the Blue Heron Bridge then you know it all too well. Every time you visit this amazing dive site you bring a little bit of it back home with you. We are talking about the sand — it covers our bodies and dive gear. Take off your wetsuit anywhere, except while balancing on top of the benches, and your wetsuit will look like a sand sprinkle-covered ice cream.

If it’s a middle of the afternoon dive and you don’t wear booties then people will be wondering why you are doing the shovel snouted lizard “thermal dance.” The floor gets super hot!

Those days are a thing of the past thanks to our new Pura Vida Divers Changing Mats. Lay this 3 x 5ft. mat across the floor and you can keep yourself and your dive gear happy. These mats are made of woven plastic so that sand and water quickly and easily wisp away. It also folds down to less than a foot in size with easy-to-carry handles.

These mats are only $15.99 and available at our shop. Call us and we can even ship one to you!