Do you work in the dive industry?  Do you use SCUBA tanks as a sport diver?  Proper tank handling and maintenance is a vital part of dive safety.  In fact, these standards extend beyond the dive industry.

SCUBA divers’ tanks, and firefighters’ SCBA tanks, must meet federal regulations.  Standards range from annual inspections to hydrostatic testing.

Wonder what the markings on your tank mean?  Learn from the industry pros at PSI

Decode SCUBA cylinder markings. Understand how to interact safely with high pressure cylinders. 

Choose from a range of courses, detailed below.

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Get certified to inspect sold wall and composite SCUBA tanks and SCBA cylinders.  Understand tank damage limits.  Find out how to identify neck cracking.  Gain hands-on practice with specialized tools and equipment.  Learn federal laws that affect cylinder inspectors.


  • Age 16 or older
  • No previous SCUBA tank inspection experience needed
This course meets the OSHA and DOT requirements for HAZMAT training.  Completing the class qualifies you to conduct HAZMAT training for cylinder handlers. 
This is the only training endorsed, referred to and utilized by the cylinder manufacturers.  It is recognized by U.S. DOT, Compressed Gas Association, NFPA and others.


Per federal requirements, Visual Cylinder Inspector certifications must be renewed every 3 years.  Refresh courses are offered in conjunction with all VCI courses.  


Eddy Current testing is an important addition to visual cylinder inspecting.  Upgrade your VCI certification to include this 2-hour course.  Gain hands-on experience with Eddy Current instruments.  Understand which SCUBA tanks are compatible with Eddy Current equipment.  Make sure you know how to use the equipment properly.

This certification is also required by the U.S. DOT to be updated every 3 years.


You can probably already replace a leaky o-ring on your SCUBA cylinder.  But what do you do if the tank valve is leaking from somewhere else?

Understand how SCUBA tank valves function.  Learn how to identify different types of valves.  Practice valve care, repair, and maintenance.  

The valve repair tech course is approved by and contributed to by many valve manufacturers.


Think back to your Nitrox course.  Do you know what percentage of Oxygen recreational SCUBA divers are certified to dive with? 

There are special requirements and procedures when filling SCUBA tanks with high percentages of Oxygen.  Understand the cleaning process to certify SCUBA cylinders for Oxygen fills.  

Handlers of Oxygen are federally required to have proper training.  PSI’s Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician course meets those training requirements.

Ready to dive deeper into your SCUBA education?  Gain a comprehensive understanding of tank care and maintenance.  Enhance your dive safety knowledge and skills.

PSI courses are scheduled around student interest and Instructor availability.  To learn more about these classes or register for an upcoming class, contact Pura Vida Divers at (561) 840-8750 or