As I have preached before, we are very fortunate to have Phil Foster park and its wonders of creatures at our door step no matter what the weather. While some of the creatures seem to have a seasonality to them there is always something to see. 

With less than ideal visibility, many divers pass up on the opportunity to dive this site. But if you look at diving at Phil Foster from a slightly different perspective under such conditions you might find that there is a whole other world of little wonders right before your eyes.

Take your time and scan for the minuscule beauty. To quote Frank the Pug from the movie Men in Black, “Just ’cause something’s important, doesn’t mean it’s not very, very small.” In between all those grains of sand, under so many shells, and every nook and cranny, numerous tiny creatures live.

Getting close and being patient is the name of the game. One trick I use from time to time to find these tiny marvels is to simply look out into the horizon for a while and wait for movement. You will be pleasantly surprised how many creatures you will find.

If you’re looking to photograph these creatures you will need to be armed with a macro lens. The secret to getting clear images is getting close. Best of all, visibility is of little concern when photographing this way. 

There is one important note I must make as I see this behavior often and it is so heartbreaking. Just because an area is sandy or filled with shells it does not mean you should be free to settle yourself in it. We are granted the pleasures of weightlessness underwater and it is in the best interest of these animals that we cherish so much that we treat them and their environment with the utmost of care. These tiny animals are extremely fragile and they deserve their place on this planet. Please practice your best buoyancy skills. You will find it will not only improve the abundance of life in an area but your photos and air consumption, too.

I hope you enjoy these photos taken in 10-15ft of visibility at Phil Foster park:

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