Blenny Macro Photo Workshop Image 2

Photo by Andrea Whitaker.


With charismatic expressions and beautiful colors and patterns, blennies are one of the most lively animals of the underwater world. Join Photo Pro Andrea Whitaker for a Blenny Macro Photography Workshop March 27 – 29! 

During the workshop, you will gain knowledge of underwater macro photo concepts and practice techniques for photographing these lovable fish. You will also become familiar with the different blenny species found at the Blue Heron Bridge and their behaviors. Next, you will learn simple diving skill modifications to help you explore the site without impacting marine habitats. Understand how to choose the best macro equipment, along with setup and maintenance, camera settings for macro and the environment, and macro compositions. Then, you’ll practice with different strobe settings and placement, and finesse your lighting techniques.

Whether you have a point and shoot camera or a DSLR, in-depth knowledge of the marine life you are shooting and fine-tuned macro techniques will be significant assets to your photography.

Photo by Andrea Whitaker

Blenny Macro Photography Workshop Schedule:

Fri, March 27 – Evening Classroom Session

Sat, March 28 – Dive 1, Afternoon Classroom Session & Photo Review

Sun, March 29 – Dive 2, Afternoon Wrap Up


PADI Open Water Certification (or equivalent)

Required Equipment: 

  • Standard scuba equipment
  • Underwater Camera Kit
  • Laptop or Tablet for photo review and minor post editing

There are no specific camera requirements for the Blenny Macro Photography Workshop. Divers with any setup are welcome to join! Space is limited, so sign up soon. Contact us at 561-840-8750 or to register.


Experience the best of the Blue Heron Bridge with us this month!