140807-125936-0068The goliath grouper aggregation has begun in West Palm Beach with numerous groupers amassing on the wrecks and reefs. Sirena headed out today in the hopes of encountering some of these leviathans and, as you can tell from the photo, we certainly did… among other sea creatures!

Heading out the inlet we were pleased to find the ocean was glass-calm and the water was crystal-blue. Riding on the dive boat to our first dive site, Juno Reef, we could see the bottom on the way there. Sailfish jumping, bonita breaching out of the water as they surrounded a school of baitfish, turtles, and more… The ride to this northerly dive site was filled with excitement.


Upon entering the water, the warm 83 degree water temperature and top to bottom visibility greeted us. Along our slow drift north we encountered sharks, turtles, tons of tropicals and some of the prettiest reefs in Florida.

The divers cruised along the deep ledge and would, on occasion, veer to the top of the reef to explore the top ledge. Schools of tropical fish awaited every turn while Caribbean reef sharks patrolled the reef.


For our second dive we headed to the Danny wreck. With less than two years of this wreck being on the bottom of the ocean, already the amount of marine life encrusting this unique dive site is quite impressive. The goliath groupers have made themselves at home… Hiding in many of the nooks and crannies deep within the wreck. Their loud barking sounds reverberate throughout the wreck’s walls giving the sensation that these groupers, hiding inside the wreck, are massive in size. While they are certainly not tiny by any sense of the word, most of the 100+ lbs. groupers we are seeing are merely teenagers. They will reach over 600+ lbs. by the time they (hopefully) reach adulthood.


Drifting north of the Danny, we zig-zagged across Atlantis where we encountered countless goliath groupers, the local resident Caribbean reef shark, and more groupers. Sprinkled in with an abundance of tropical fish and gorgeous coral formations. Finishing off the dive, I stopped at the Spud Barge where many more groupers awaited. We played a little cat and mouse between the crossbeams of this upside-down barge. Underneath the barge were many more goliath groupers that would allow a close-up view.

If you want to see these majestic groupers up close and personal now is the time to book your dive trip. Come experience Palm Beach diving in all its glory.