Today our divers headed north to Jolly Jacks for the first dive. Seas were 2-3ft, visibility was in the 35-45ft range, water temperature is still holding in the lower 80s, and, for the first time in quite a while, we had a pretty strong north current. Not to worry, though… That’s just part of the fun of drift diving in Palm Beach. There was still a large enough relief on the reef that we could tuck away from the current at most times if we wanted to have a closer look at the reef.


Along our dives we had our share of great encounters including sea turtles, a couple of large goliath groupers and the enormous schools of fish who, because of the stronger current, were huddled near the bottom. The reef was a carpet of fish where at times you could not see passed them.


On our second dive we headed south to Midreef. Midreef is always a great place to see sea turtles and the rolling reef landscape is scattered with gorgeous pockets of fish life. Skipping from one pocket to the other, while tucked away from the current, is a great way to enjoy the intricate beauty of this reef.


Throughout our dive we encounted sea turtles, eels, and the prettiest Townsend angelfish I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I think the angelfish knew how special she was and would not allow me to approach close enough for a photograph.


Keep an eye out for this striking angelfish if you’re diving on Midreef. While you’re at it… Let us know if you come across this individual in his Darth Vader suit. I have a feeling we will see him again at our Social Night: Spooky Halloween Party coming up this Friday, October 17th. We hope to see you there!

A very special thanks to Van and his terrific crew aboard Narcosis Dive Charters for hosting us on his dive boat today. We appreciate it!