Learn how Florida Seasons Impact Coral Reef Health with coral reef researcher and Pura Vida Divers Instructor Haley Davis!

In Florida, we don’t really experience seasons in a traditional sense. Rather, we have grown accustomed to year-round warm weather.  In fact, there are a few non-traditional seasons that Floridians observe. We measure the year by rainy season, and hurricane season. 

Although it may not feel like there’s a big change in Florida’s weather, the transitions that occur throughout the year do have an impact below the surface, on our coral reefs. 

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how florida seasons impact coral reef health


As locals of the Palm Beaches know, summer is our rainy season.  In coastal areas, this means higher levels of runoff.  Runoff drains through inlets, out to sea, and onto the reef.  This water has different qualities than the surrounding ocean water close to shore. 
These different qualities include lower salinity, higher nutrients, and more particles in the water column.  All of these can cause stress to our local reefs.
Understand more about coral diseases and possible treatments.  Discover the work being done with reef refuges and restoration efforts both locally and throughout the world.
Learn more about how the rainy season impacts Florida’s coral health.  Find out what you can do as a diver to get involved in saving and protecting corals.


Masters candidate Haley Davis presenting her research on how florida seasons impact coral reef health

Image courtesy of Haley Davis.

Haley is a Masters Candidate at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. She is currently researching coral health and stress responses.

You may also recognize Haley as one of our PVD Pros!  Haley can be found teaching a range of courses on the weekend.  Check out an article she wrote about Rescue Skill Modifications for Divers Alert Network.

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