We would like to introduce Katie Sandidge! The newest member of the Pura Vida family!

Katie is one of our few Florida natives hailing from Stuart. She was raised on the ocean and loves to participate in all ocean related activities… diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, and even fishing. Katie’s love for the ocean lead her half way around the world to Indonesia, where she completed her Divemaster Certification. While in Indonesia, Katie aided her instructor in collecting Reef Manta ID photographs for a PADI distinctive specialty course: Mantas of Komodo Island. Her goal was to get photos of the manta’s underside between their gills. In addition to manta identification, she participated in manta, shark and tuna counts on every dive. Katie needs more time to pick her favorite dive sites in Palm Beach, so until then she is happy to dive where ever Sirena takes her.

Have you met Katie yet?

She will be crewing on Sirena five days a week. So come diving with us and meet Katie! We love her and we know you will too.