Join us on Friday, February 28 to learn about Great Hammerhead Sharks! These sharks are targeted for catch-and-release fishing by recreational anglers. Historically, Great Hammerhead sharks experience relatively low survivorship in other fisheries, even when released alive. Now, the American Shark Conservancy’s research will play an important role in future protections for Great Hammerhead Sharks. Great Hammerhead Sharks Shore Tagging

Great Hammerheads are already a critically endangered species. Learn how the American Shark Conservancy (ASC) uses satellite technology with the help of volunteer anglers to collect data. Hannah Medd, founder of the ASC, will share her knowledge about this species. She will discuss ongoing research, and how their results are contributing to a behavioral shift. 

During the Social Night, enjoy delicious snacks, wine and beer. Join in the festivities by bringing a potluck-style dish to share! 


6:30 – 7:00 Happy Hour! (Food, drinks and socializing)

7:00 – 8:00 Great Hammerhead Sharks Presentation, Raffle Drawing

One lucky winner will take home a Gift Certificate from the 50/50 raffle! Funds raised this month will help support research being conducted by the American Shark Conservancy.  


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