Lobster Mini Season July 25-26, 2012

Come on board Sirena and catch your lobster dinner!



Mini-season is just around the corner…we’ll be running 2 trips both days, so be sure to secure your spot now! Contact Pura Vida Divers at 561.840.8750.

 Spiny Lobster




Contrary to common beliefs, non-commercial lobstering is actually quite sustainable as long as you stay within the required limits. Lobster season does not encompass the months from March to August because this is the Caribbean spiny lobster’s time to spawn. Most spiny lobsters take about 2 years to grow a 3 inch carapace, giving them plenty of time to reproduce and expand the population before they are taken for human consumption.


Please abide by the state’s regulations to help maintain our abundant spiny lobster populations in Florida for generations to come:


1) Carapace must be larger than 3 inches

 legal lobster size








2) No more than 12 lobsters per person during mini season (6 during regular season)

3) Absolutely do NOT catch females carrying eggs


To learn more about the spiny lobster check out NOAA’s “fish watch” website (this is also an excellent place to determine which species of fish are in good standing versus overfished): http://www.fishwatch.gov/seafood_profiles/species/lobster/species_pages/caribbean_spiny_lobster.htm