The dive boat, Sirena, headed out this morning with Capt. Walker at the wheel. The winds were gusting at 15-20 knots out of the east, but with a determined group of divers and an experienced crew we headed out. Cruising past the Blue Heron Bridge we could see the crystal-clear water making its way in from the ocean. Conditions underwater were likely to be great!

Our first dive was Drifting Spot, a site just west of the Governor’s River Walk wrecks. This double ledge reef system is always teaming with marine life and colorful sponges and corals. The group drifted with a very light north current among schools of tropical fish. A large goliath grouper hid under the ledge. A green moray followed suit. We enjoyed a casual dive draped in Gulf Stream blue water — visibility was 60-70ft and water temperature was still holding steady at about 77-78 degrees.

For our second dive, we motored just south of the inlet to Toy Box & Playpen. This unique artificial reef begins with a dive on the Toy Box — a barge that sits cross current in 60ft. of water. Great barracuda welcome us to the wreck. Schools of sergeant majors flirt up and down on the top of the wreck. The group slowly circled the wreck enjoying the sights and (underwater) sounds.

Heading NNW we made our way to the second part of the dive — the Playpen. This site consists of concrete pilings and culverts. Each one adorned with a rainbow of sponges and fish. Some even contain some very healthy hard corals. Hiding in the rubble are nurse sharks, goliath groupers, eels, and much more.

Once again, we enjoyed the same lovely conditions underwater as on our first dive. Thankfully, Capt. Walker maneuvered Sirena through the 3-5ft. seas to make us all as comfortable as possible during our surface interval and our way in. Having Sirena’s two Christmas ladders makes it a real breeze to get back on the boat and with the crew there to assist, even on days where we are dealing with rolling seas, diving on Sirena is still a pleasure. Come out and enjoy some great diving aboard Sirena

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