If you’ve never tried a blackwater dive before, add it to your bucket list.

Blackwater diving is an experience that’s unique and otherworldly.  Divers watch in awe as a nightly migration of planktonic and larval-stage marine life rises from the depths. 

Alien-like creatures flock to flashlights and the shine of the moon in search of food.  On a blackwater dive, the weird wonders of the deep are out to play.

Blackwater dives normally take place in the open ocean, oftentimes far from shore.  Divers jump into water where the seafloor stretches hundreds, sometimes thousands, of feet deep.  They generally stay shallow though, between 20 to 40 feet.  Scuba divers drift in the nighttime abyss with a slew of underwater lights, waiting for jaw-dropping creatures to make their appearance.

Image courtesy Jeffrey Milisen.

Sounds like something that’d make your heart race, right?  Blackwater diving can be daunting to even the most seasoned divers.  Hear stories from a blackwater diving expert!  Tune in to our upcoming social night, Blackwater: Weird Wonders of the Deep with Jeffrey Milisen.

Image courtesy Jeffrey Milisen.

Jeffrey Milisen is an award-winning underwater photographer and has an extensive background in marine biology.  He’s also the author of A Field Guide to Blackwater Diving in Hawaii.  

While he’ll tell you he’s just a fish farmer from Kona, Hawaii, Jeffrey’s blackwater and diving experiences tell a different story.

By day, Jeffrey works as a diver for a pelagic drifting fish pen.  By night, he’s a blackwater dive guide from his home in Kona, Hawaii.

Jeffrey’s experience is as vast as the waters he dives in.  He’s done everything from counting fish for NOAA to picking up marine debris in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.  If you’re curious about blackwater diving, now’s your chance to hear about it from a pro.


Virtually join us via Zoom on Friday, June 18th at 6 PM.

Listen to Jeffrey’s stories about diving with the greatest diversity of plankton and micronekton.  Hear his counts of pelagic night drift diving.  Find out what he’s learned about larval fishes, cookie-cutter sharks, and much more.

Ever wondered about what lurks in the middle ocean after dark?  Jeffrey’s here to uncover the mystery of the weird wonders of the deep.


Image courtesy Jeffrey Milisen.

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