Black Water Dive:  A Visual Wonder

If jumping in the ocean at night where the bottom is 600ft. below you sounds like your type of diving then read on… If not, read on anyways. We promise you will want to be a part of these dives.

These specialized dive trips, better known as Black Water Dives, are in a category of their own. With no reef, or bottom for that matter, anywhere in sight, you are left floating in the warm Florida Current. It takes a little leap of faith to make that initial entry into the inky darkness of the ocean, but once your eyes acclimate to the creatures floating around you are left in wonder.


Part of this wonder is simply because, even for veteran local divers, the creatures floating before your mask you have probably never seen. Everywhere you look there is some kind of lifeform — you are floating amidst a soup of alien marine life. Most of what we see is tiny, but so extremely intricate that we are left mesmerized every time. The excitement of what your underwater flashlight will illuminate next leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Our Black Water dives are quite simple to do. We use a large float with a conglomerate of different light sources to not only attract marine life, but to make it easy for you to visually know your depth. All the good stuff is in the top 40ft. of water so you have plenty of bottom time! Everyone is drifting together at the same speed, so as long as you don’t go for an olympic swim, staying near to the float ball is simple. We don’t tether you off so you are free to move around, too. If you’re bringing a camera with you, make your those batteries are fully charged and you have plenty of room on your memory card as you will be firing away photo after photo.

As the saying goes, a photo is worth a thousand words, so here are 11,000 visual words from our recent Black Water dive: